The Words I Live in – Making off

The words i live in
We had this idea for this concept in one evening, and in about one hour we were setting up the lights and the scene for the shot. Regarding the lighting set-up I used a beauty dish as a main light and on small light as back light for the model. The power was relatively low on both lights as I wanted to capture more light from the small lamps.

_MG_4052 BOOK

Once the scene was ready, the process was quite fast. The final image was composed  from 3 images of Alexandra and about 10 images of the  books, floor and the lights.

After I photographed Alexandra on the chair, I had to photograph each book separately, most of the books were suspended in air with a small string, and 2-3 books were  hold in air by hand.


The next step was to photograph the floor without any cables and chair which was replaced with a few books. One photograph was taken as well  for the ambient light.

Last step was placing together all the images in photoshop using layer masks and blending modes.

The Words I Live in – Making off