The Art of Retouching in the 1930′s

The Art of Retouching in the 1930′s


Retouching in the 1930's

A startling example of the power of retouching, this portrait  was one of many shot by Hurrell over the years.

Hurrell’s retouching skills were far beyond than just adjusting the light and contrast. Negatives were painted with lead paint,  he had a special machine to pin prick certain areas of negatives, and endless hours were spent retouching.

He used to ask his subjects to arrive on-set with no make up. Photography in a way it  didn’t change all that much, the ideas are the same only the  equipment  and techniques has changed.

George Hurrell - Rita Hayworth (1942)

Rita Hayworth, by George Hurrell (1942).

George Hurrell - Marlene Dietrich (1938)

Marlene Dietrich, by George Hurrell (1938).


George Hurrel on the set 


 Bette Davis

old book

Photographic book called ” The Art of Retouching Photographic Negatives” by Robert Johnson from the 1930’s

Hurrell's Hollywood Portraits

Hurrell’s Hollywood Portraits Book

Tools of the trade