2 Lights Portrait Setup

2 Lights  Portrait Set-up

Recently i have done a portrait photo session with Alexandra, and i decided to share my lighting set-up that i have used.

It was a simple 2 lights and a reflector set-up. In front i had a large octa softbox at a 45 angle and very close to the model, in the background  i have placed a small spedlight with a mini softbox to lighten the hair and  to reduce the shadows under the chin and eyes i used a silver reflector.

To get the soft look i had to place the lights closer as possible to the model.

2 light setup Portrait


When i photograph I ussualy set the camera to under-expose a bit, these way i avoid blowing out the highlights, once the Raw file is in Lightroom i can easily correct the exposure.


2 Light Portrait Set-up